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Who are we?

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"King's Church is a relatively new but growing church of around 40 people that meet on Brighton Hill with members living all over the Basingstoke area.


What is important to us?

  1. We are dedicated to caring for each other, looking out for each other's good, and renowned for our unity. A welcoming family.

  2. We are faithful to God, committed to providing sound Bible teaching and to pleasing him in our words and actions.

  3. We are committed to those around us. We want to make a difference to those in need and pass on the peace and hope of Jesus, our saviour and friend."

Dave Rebbettes

Dave & Rachel live in Basingstoke as do their three children and seven grandchildren. Over the years Dave has co-founded and run numerous international companies and has been invited to speak at seminars around the world. They are actively involved in founding and operating charities across India. They regularly take groups on tours of Israel but above all love opening and teaching from the bible.

Have a listen...

How can we be sure there is a God - click here


What on earth is Redemption - click here

More bible teaching from Dave Rebbettes - click here

Where we meet

King's Church meets at Manor Field Junior School on Brighton Hill. The address is Haydn Road, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke, RG22 4DH.

10:15 - Refreshments

10:30 - 12:00 - Meeting time

Please note, that we meet every Sunday except the 1st Sunday of each month

See below for a map and directions.

In addition we hold bi-weekly bible studies and the dates and details for all of our meetings can be found here or by clicking 'what's on?" in the menu bar above.

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